Saturday, June 11, 2011

MORE Than Just A Hair Accessory

Hair Shimmers are pieces of silk that come in various colors, and they are tied to individual strands of one's hair. They "lighten up" or (non-chemically) highlight the hair as they glisten and glint in the sun.

But the art of Hair Shimmering is much more than a cool trend!

The Hair Shimmer is even more than a simple hair accessory!

The Hair Shimmer holds tremendous power, for these "thin threads" of silk promote social interaction. In turn, this allows the wearer to take pause in her day to smile and laugh while having light-hearted conversations with those she would not have encountered had it not been for the Shimmer. 

As a grief and relationship coach, I discovered this phenomenon quite by accident. 

Early in 2011, I was introduced to Hair Shimmering. At first I resisted wearing them, for I thought I was too old. Of course, as it turns out, no one is too young or too old to wear Hair Shimmers. In the next couple of weeks, as I walked about the daily tasks of my life, I noticed that I was garnering a lot of attention. Perfect strangers would approach me and say, "I see you have something shiny in your hair. It looks so cool! What are they and where can I get them?" We would both smile and laugh a little as I delighted them with the story of how I came to wear Hair Shimmers. Very often, these conversations would continue for a few minutes as we shared a bit about ourselves and, at times, business cards. 

So, what is my point?

I came to realize that Hair Shimmers are powerful conversation magnets as they project a sparkly and fun personality that naturally draws others to you. This simple act of Hair Shimmering opened up a myriad of opportunities for me to connect with others, and I didn't even have to exert any energy for it to happen.

It can be as simple as that to make new social connections!

This a great tool for those looking to make new friends or find prospective dating partners. In truth, a lot of men strike up a conversation with me about the Shimmers. Even a 16-year old boy asked me about them! My reply to him was, "This is why 16-year old girls should wear Hair Shimmers ... so that boys your age can approach them without awkwardness and have an entree into a conversation." 

The Hair Shimmer is a great ice breaker that may also be used as a networking tool. While promoting interaction, they are also memorable. When completing follow up after a networking event, you will be remembered as the woman with the Shimmers in her hair. In this busy world where there are so many vying for attention, hair shimmering can give you a little extra boost!

Hair Shimmering is also a tool to be used by those who may feel sad or disconnected from the world. Albeit only a few minutes during the day, the light hearted interactions with which one will be afforded by wearing Hair Shimmers can arouse hidden memories of what it feels like to laugh and smile and that it is possible to participate in a momentary respite from dark thoughts. Hair Shimmering can be the spark that lights the fire, and it becomes the impetus to move forward in life!

Lastly, using Hair Shimmers as a fundraiser is new and different. To read more information and watch a video on this subject, please click here.