Hair Shimmers as a Fundraising Tool

Are you getting tired of bake sales to raise funds for a school or organization?

The use of Hair Shimmers represents a new and different kind of fundraiser. Watch the video as I explain how it works and read the written instructions below.


~One package of Hair Shimmers costs $20.

~Each package contains ~100 strands. You can charge $2.00 PER strand to apply to the hair of your customers. In effect, you are turning your $20 investment into ~$200 with a net profit of ~$180! As an aside, hair salons are charging between $2 and $5 per strand to apply.

~You can watch the two videos on this site and, with a little practice, you can become an expert at applying Hair Shimmers! (Click on Video One for long hair and Video Two for shorter hair or bangs).

~Very little supplies are needed. At an event (or have people to your home), you can set up a small station. All that is required is a chair, a small table and a scissors. Using the scissors, you will trim the Shimmer so it matches the length of the hair, especially the bangs.

~Determine how much you will charge, which will depend on what the venue and attendees can bear. Even if you charge $1.00 per strand, you will still make a good profit.

~Most people will buy at least two strands. Six is the average amount for a look that will get noticed; however, even on will draw attention! 

~Hints for Application. Don't forget to put one in the front or bangs area. This is the most noticeable place. For people who wear their hair up, put Shimmers near the nape of the neck so they are visible with an updo hairstyle. Also, you can put Shimmers in the hair above the ears so when the hair is pulled upward they are visible. Just have fun with it!

~Choose a color or colors appropriate to your group, for example, Race for the Cure fundraising teams might choose pink and gold to match the event colors. 

~Start "Shimmering" your way to a successful fundraising effort!

Any questions, contact me at the e-mail address at the top of the page.