Video: Shorter Hair Application

This knot may be used if your hair is layered or on the shorter side. It is also good for bangs. The knot for longer hair is a bit more difficult to put in your own hair, while this knot is quite manageable.

1. Take on Hair Shimmer and fold it in half.
2. Make a slip knot as shown in the video.
3. Separate ONE hair from your head. It is important to use only one hair so that when you comb or brush your hair the bristles don't get caught and pull the Shimmer out.
4. Slide the hair through the slip knot and move it to the root of the hair. While holding the slip knot down (you can ask someone to hold it for you), tie the hair to one end of the Shimmer.
5. Pull the other end of the Shimmer to lock the knot in place.
6. You may repeat the knot one or two more times.