Written Instructions on How To Apply Hair Shimmers

Before attempting to apply Hair Shimmers, you can practice using two pieces of yarn. On the example below, the dark yarn is one strand of hair and the orange yarn is the Shimmer.

Separate one strand of hair and pull it up from the root. You want to use ONLY ONE strand. If you use more than one, your comb or brush could get caught and pull the Shimmer out. Select one Shimmer from the package, and place it next to the hair and hold them in your RIGHT hand. (You may reverse if you are left-handed.)

Figure 1: Place your first two fingers on your LEFT hand in front of the strands with your fingernails pointing towards you.

Figure 2: Fold your two (left hand fingers) over, hooking the strands and turn them over to make a loop as illustrated in the picture.

Figure 3: Take the hair and the Shimmer that you are holding in your RIGHT hand and put them both between the two fingers of your LEFT hand as illustrated in the picture.

 Figure 4: Close your two fingers together once you have both the Shimmer and the hair tightly clamped and pull them both through the loop as illustrated in the picture.

 Figure 5: To make a knot as close to the root of the hair, pull the hair first and then slide the Shimmer down toward the root and slowly tighten the knot. Gently pull the other end of the Shimmer for a final tightening.